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Recruitment of Researchers
SERI is a place of intellectual stimulation. SERI is studying the future. SERI welcomes young talent interested in creative problem solving. SERI can provide a rewarding experience by teaming you with top experts in economics, business management, industry, technology, policy, and consulting.
  1. 1. SERI Research Areas
    • Economics
    • Business management
    • Industry
    • Public Policy
  2. 2. Qualifications
    • Ph.D., MBA, and Master's degree (Master's degree holders should have more than two years of
      research experience in their field)
    • Specialty: Economics, business management, industry and policy
  3. 3. Recruitment Process
    • First stage: Application
    • Second stage: Interview with department head if necessary
    • Third stage: Seminar on research field
    • Fourth stage: Interview
      Successful candidates will be contacted in each stage
  4. 4. Recruitment peroid : Open-ended
  5. 5. Documents to be submitted
    • Resume/ Self-introduction/ Thesis excerpt or thesis summary
  6. 6. Submission process
    • Applications can be submitted via the Samsung Group homepage
    • To fill out the application, please go to http://careers.samsung.co.kr, and click -> Hiring -> Application/status inquiry -> Experienced hires -> Application for open enrollment -> Affiliate:Samsung Economic Research Institute
      Announcement of results will be within two months of your applications
  7. 7. Contact