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Notable Global Companies from Emerging Economies

Notable Global Companies from Emerging Economies

JUNG Moo-Sup

Sept. 30, 2009

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Originally released on August 5, 2009


An increasing number of large companies in emerging economies have succeeded in turning themselves into global players on the back of rapid economic growth in their countries. An analysis of 200 global companies in three country groups - emerging economies, industrialized countries and newly industrialized economies - showed that they performed better than others in terms of growth and profitability.

Although in many cases their rapid growth is attributable mainly to domestic factors such as ample natural resources and strong government support, some established a prominent presence in the global market on the back of improvement in essential capabilities, including independent technologies and international M&A competency.

Among the 200 global emerging-economy companies, this paper selected eight leading companies who are superior to others on the basis of independent technology capabilities, global capabilities and reputation in capital markets in order to identify the core engines driving their competitiveness.

Along with the rapid growth of the global companies in emerging economies, Korean companies are now in a "sandwich" position: they are burdened with catching up with their counterparts in industrialized countries while being chased closely by rivals in emerging economies. Against this backdrop, more attention should be given to the secrets behind the success of the companies in emerging economies, including technology and M&A capabilities and marketing in niche markets. At the same time, a strategy should be developed to take advantage of the growth and capabilities of these companies.

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