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The Next Big Thing: M2M

The Next Big Thing: M2M

LIM Tae-Yun

Sept. 25, 2013

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On the heels of the wired Internet and mobile Internet, M2M is emerging as the next big thing in the Internet domain. Developments in sensor, wireless communication and data processing technologies are ushering in a M2M era with the most recent applications found in our daily lives. In the future, M2M is expected to develop in following three major directions.

First, M2M will expand from the government and business sectors to the general consumer sector. A number of governments have adopted M2M to address issues such as traffic congestion and environmental degradation whereas companies do so to improve facility operation efficiency and provide better customer services. Going forward, the technology will spread to consumer areas such as healthcare, safety and amenities.

Second, M2M will evolve from mere data monitoring to analysis and application. M2M was originally introduced as a means of monitoring facilities and environmental conditions in remote sites. Recently, however, it is used more for data application. Examples are taking preemptive measures based on M2M prediction and using it in the optimization of business operations such as manufacturing and procurement.

Finally, smartphones will serve as the main platform for M2M. Previously operated by specific equipment, smartphones are becoming the driver, acting as an independent sensor or collecting data with embedded sensors. Smartphones can also act as user terminals which receive data from M2M terminals and communicate with the M2M system server.

Korea needs to take rapid systematic measures to maintain its lead in the IT industries. Obstacles should be removed through standardization and streamlining of regulations. Issues such as privacy resulting from an explosive growth in data traffic should be dealt with in advance. Moreover, research and development into basic technologies such as sensors and wireless communication needs to be strengthened, public demand created to foster market growth and new growth engines nurtured in areas where M2M converges with other technologies.

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