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China's Promising Technologies for 2011

China's Promising Technologies for 2011

Samsung Economic Research Institute Beijing Office

May 18, 2011

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Chinese companies are focusing on developing promising technologies to survive in the fast-changing environment. Mobile payment is expected to grow with industrial cooperation, development of technologies and new services. Advanced biomaterials have evolved to the third generation of producing fuel from microalgae. Large companies made massive investments to make up for their lackluster performance in the previous generation technologies and have become highly competitive. Although China has an asset of abundant raw materials, it still needs to improve public support and infrastructure to succeed in the field.

Motion control is widely used mostly in the game industry and is becoming increasingly popular, as other sectors such as the heavy industries and medical industry introduce the technology. Location Based Service (LBS) Community has contributed to the creation of large and diverse business opportunities, bridging the online world with the real one. The growth potential is enormous, because an unidentified majority can enjoy the service. Wireless charging technology is not yet commercially successful, but has great potential to bring innovation to all industries which use power including home appliances and cars.

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