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China’s Overseas M&As in 2012

China’s Overseas M&As in 2012

Samsung Economic Research Institute Beijing Office

Mar. 22, 2013

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The total number and transaction value of overseas M&As by Chinese companies hit a record-high in 2012. Based on transaction value, North America has attracted the majority of overseas M&A investments from China followed by Europe. In the Asian region, M&As are most active in Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan. In terms of industry, the energy/electricity sector has received the most attention followed by financial services, engineering, media/entertainment and consumer goods/services. Changes in the global environment have invigorated overseas M&As in the manufacturing sector, in particular.

China's M&As have four distinct characteristics; 1. Private companies are aggressively pursuing M&As but on a limited scale; 2. A-share companies are spearheading China's overseas M&As; 3. Private equity (PE) is gaining more influence; and 4. The political risks involved in overseas M&As are increasing. Learning from these characteristics of China's M&As, companies are able to use their aggressive M&A activities as an opportunity to enter new markets and/or to modify their business structure.

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