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China’s High-Speed Railway System

China’s High-Speed Railway System

Samsung Economic Research Institute Beijing Office

Sept. 17, 2010

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1.China's High-speed Railway System

Four North-South and Four East-West Lines for Passenger-Only Service

□ China imported technology from Japan and Germany, performed its own R&D and finally developed world-class high-speed railway technology.

- In July of 2005, the Ministry of Railways developed Dongchezu, which runs 200 km per hour, through bidding in the 6th Train Speed Enhancement Project.

- With the opening of Jing Jin (Beijing-Tianjin) in August of 2008, China proved that it owns technology for 350 km-per-hour trains.

□ Passenger-only networks link major locations with four vertical and four horizontal lines.

- The four North-South lines, include 18 routes and connect the Bohai area with the Yangtze River delta, North China with South China, Northeast China with the western part of Shanhaiguan and the Yangtze River delta and Pearl River delta with southeastern coastal regions.

- The four East-West lines include 15 routes that connect Northwest China with East China, southeastern and Central China with East China, North China with East China and southeastern regions with East China.

- To expand the coverage of passenger-only lines, Nanchang-Jiujiang, Liuzhou-Nanning, Harbin-Qiqihar, Harbin-Mudanjiang, Changchun-Jilin, Shenyang-Dandong lines are under construction.

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