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How to Stay Ahead as Digital Powerhouse

How to Stay Ahead as Digital Powerhouse


Feb. 13, 2006

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Korea is Asia's digital powerhouse. It's been called a "broadband Wonderland." Her progress in the communications/information technology area has been so rapid it brooks no criticism. The world media have heaped accolades on her ability to go digital, but is this justified? How long can Korea maintain this exalted status?

Korea's digital sector undoubtedly is a locomotive pulling its economy. As a measure of this assertion, its information technology (IT) industry accounted for 15.6% of Korea's GDP in 2005 and 42.5% of its exports in the third quarter of last year. Korea's competitiveness in the digital sector remains strong in the global marketplace. In recent years, Korea's electronic products - semiconductors, mobile phones, thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD), digital television, and online games - have drawn worldwide attention.

Korea's place in the global IT industry is no longer a subject of speculation. The United Nations and International Telecommunication Union have chosen Korea as one of top five countries in the IT area competitiveness.

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