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Seven Disruptive Innovations for Future Industries

Seven Disruptive Innovations for Future Industries

JANG Sung-Won, JEONG Dong-Young, CHO Yong-Kwon, LEE Chi-Ho
CHOI Eunjeong, KIM Dong-Min, CHUN Sang-In

May 6, 2013

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"Disruptive innovations" are gaining attention in the search for new technologies that can help overcome a low-growth environment. Such innovations can be game changers in the pecking order of existing industries; motivators in multiple types of industries; and transformers of consumer behavior, which can lead to new markets.

The research and development going into disruptive innovations stresses three concepts: 1)"active customization," which takes into account the needs and intentions of each individual; 2) "smart saving," which aims at reducing the time, energy and raw materials needed in sectors where such saving has been difficult; 3) "resolving imbalance," which is smoothing out conflicts in time, space and user group.

Just as smartphones fast surpassed existing mobile phones, disruptive innovations can instantly exceed the achievements of existing technologies. This paper examines seven innovations that can have potential disruptive impact and how they will affect industries and everyday life if they materialize. Initial stages of some of the technologies already are visible. Others are years away from emerging on a mass scale.

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