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BRAVO Generation: Employees of a New Generation

BRAVO Generation: Employees of a New Generation

YE Ji-Eun

Oct. 26, 2009

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Unlike the generation that preceded them, Generation Y, which is comprised of people born around 1980, grew up in a vastly different environment: rapid globalization, the development of information technology, households with only one or two children and relative economic prosperity. Dubbed the "new generation" in their youth, they were once of particular interest to society; after entering the job market in 2000, they now account for 23.8% of the total working population (as of 2008).

Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) analyzed the characteristics of the new generation through interviews and surveys. First, seventy employees and managers from eight companies were interviewed to find the special characteristics of Generation Y workers, and then surveys were conducted to confirm the results (4,731 respondents in total). The analysis concluded that the new generation, which is vastly different from previous generations, could be clearly distinguished from other generations based on five of the eight factors found in the interview process.

Generation Y's five distinguishing characteristics were 1) Networking 2) Reward Sensitivity 3) Global and IT Adaptability 4) Voice: Expressing Feelings and Opinions and 5) Oriented to Self.

By selecting the initial letter of each outstanding factor of significance presented in the survey, the new generation has been coined the "BRAVO generation." The term "Bravo" also signifies Generation Y's preoccupation with its own life and is also a celebration of the generation's future. Work is viewed as a means to enhance personal life, while reasonable evaluations and rewards in the workplace are highly valued.

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