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Big Data Curation, Companies’ New Competitiveness Edge

Big Data Curation, Companies’ New Competitiveness Edge

PARK Sung-Min, PARK Sung-Bae, CHAE Seung-Byung, KIM Young-Do
KIM Ji-Hwan

May 13, 2013

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Big data, or both structured and unstructured data that are too difficult to handle with normal data gathering, storage and analytic tools, is rising as a new resource for innovation. The use of big data can help overcome limits of existing services, while creating new customers and markets.

Currently, there are many cases where the focus is on installing and expanding related infrastructure rather than on analytic processes and developing business insights. Obviously, it is a waste of time and money investing in storage if the data is not mined effectively to contribute to operations. Indeed, as the use of big data expands worldwide, the ability to identify and apply the most useful data from the vast ocean of information will become a core competency.

"Big data curation" is required. Curation originates from a Latin word "curare" which means to take care of. Like museum curator, a big data curator would be in charge of a database and select content for presentation. His or her task is to discover "hidden value" from data that can be applied to strategic decisions, products and services.

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