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Worker Happiness in Korea

Worker Happiness in Korea

YE Ji-Eun, CHIN Hyun, RYU Ji-Seong

June 17, 2013

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Korea's per capita income has topped US$20,000 yet Koreans don't feel very happy. Korea ranks 27th in the Happiness Index of the 36-nation OECD and Korean workers' mental health is also of concern. The number of patients treated for mental disorders was 2.3 million in 2010, a 1.5-fold increase from 2004.

Personal relations is a very important factor in feeling sense of happiness at workplace, and yet 86.6% of Korean workers said they have experience of having been bullied. Those bullied who were experiencing 1.5 times less satisfaction and 1.5 times more fatigue than those who were not bullied.

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